With games like Yoshi's Crafted World and its Wii U predecessor Yoshi's Woolly World, not to mention Coldwood Interactive's excellent Unravel Two, we've seen several beautiful material-based platformers in recent years. Dutch indie developer Alterego Games is now raiding the craft box and weaving its own tale with 3D platformer Woven, coming to Switch on 15th November.

Described as a 10-20 hour game experience, you play as a customisable stuffed elephant named Stuffy in a once-peaceful knitted world that has been disrupted by some nastiness or other. A grumpy narrator tells the story in rhymes as you play and, according to the developers, the game takes 'elements of platform, point-and-click and action-adventure games without being exactly like any of them.'

Originally part of a failed 2016 Kickstarter campaign, Woven was picked up by publisher StickyLock Studios. While the game's world itself looks attractive, the most intriguing part is arguably the customisation of Stuffy that lets you alter his abilities by substituting different body parts. The press release suggests adding goat legs to the elephant to increase his jumping ability, for example. It's unclear exactly how far you can take this, but it's got us thinking about the lumbering knitted monstrosities we'd create given the chance.

Here's a few of the key details according to the official blurb:

- A fantastically grumpy storyteller tells a deep and rich story in rhymes.
- An epic bed-time story for everyone that’s still in touch with their inner child.
- A casual, but challenging and rewarding title for those that want to discover it all.
- Character-customisation is key to solving puzzles.
- A dynamic soundtrack making the world of Woven come alive, by composer Vortigon.
- Colourful, beautiful, and very detailed 3D world, with a dark and ominous past.
- Discover the world, the mystery at your own pace.
- Detailed and adorable cute creatures, all in fear for their lives.

The screenshots certainly look lovely - we'll have to wait and see if the gameplay can live up to them. No news on price just yet, but if you're after a laid-back bit of puzzling and cute adventuring, this might be worth investigation when it launches on Switch in a fortnight.

Are you up for some relaxing 3D platforming of the knitted variety? Let us know if you like the look of Woven's woolly world below.