Publisher Nicalis has been teasing a hard copy of Treasure's sublime shmup Ikaruga for Switch since it showed off a gigantic Switch game case at PAX West 2018. It sent fans of this iconic game – first published as an arcade title in 2001 – into an absolute frenzy.

Roughly a year later, Nicalis officially revealed the physical release of the game for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Now, in the latest update, the American publisher has confirmed physical copies are in "active" production.

The news was once again delivered via Twitter:

As noted, a release date for this physical version will be announced when "all the details" are finalised. We're guessing the next status update will also include a price. If you want to be notified about this particular game when it goes on sale, you can sign up to the company's mail service.

While you wait for the physical version to be dated, why not read our review. We said it was the "perfect shmup on the perfect system" and awarded it nine out of ten stars.

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