Internet denizens who can remember back 8 long years ago will no doubt recall the rainbow-trailing, Pop-Tart-bodied feline Nyan Cat which took over the world wide web for a good while. Originating in an animated GIF before being set to music in a YouTube video, Nyan Cat is now headed to Switch in the appropriately titled Nyan Cat: Lost In Space.

The game is, perhaps predictably, a single-player endless running platformer, set in space as the eponymous feline searches out intergalactic treats, avoids all manner of floating debris and expels multi-coloured goodness from its rear end. The above trailer will confirm that the idea formed in your mind's eye is almost exactly what you'll be getting.

According to the press release, these are some of the key features to look out for:

- Nyan Cat, hurling through candy filled space themed levels!
- Cheery & colorful graphics - lots of rainbow colors, as expected!
- Collect space candy & space powerups!
- Unlock new Nyan cat skins!
- 10 unlockable Nyan cat comics included for your pleasure!
- Online leaderboards!

This isn't the feline's first brush with a Nintendo platform - in 2013 Warner Bros. were sued by the cat's creators when it appeared without permission in Scribblenauts, although now it's back in an official capacity.

Nyan Cat: Lost In Space lands on Switch eShop on 28th November, with pre-orders going live today that offer a 10% discount, bringing the price down to £8.09 until the game launches.

Have you got a soft spot for Nyan Cat? Think memes and video games don't mix well? Feel free to leave your own rainbow trail in the box below.