Update: The game is now available in Europe, too (which has brought with it new info and screenshots)! You can download it now for £17.99.

Original Article: Out of nowhere, Nintendo has released a brand new game on the Switch eShop in Japan. It's called The Stretchers and is a two-player game where you must drive around and rescue people.

The gameplay is broken up into two components and looks like a combination of Sega's Crazy Taxi series and the upcoming release Moving Out. The game requires a single Joy-Con per person, meaning friends and family can easily join in.

Here's a Nintendo website translation, courtesy of Gematsu:

A two-person rescue team must stay in sync to save the islanders!

The Strechers is set on Green Horn Island, where people spent each day in peace until the self-proclaimed genius Captain Blaine suddenly appeared and hypnotized the islanders to become lightheaded, sending the island into major panic!

Players take on the role of a two-person rescue team called “The Stretchers,” and must respond to rescue calls from around the island to rescue the lightheaded islanders.

The game can be played with one Joy-Con, allowing family and friends to play together via two-player co-op. Additionally, a single player can control both of the rescue team members.

The Stretchers will set you back 2,000 yen and the Japanese version includes English language support. We'll be sure to let you know if this game gets a local release in North America and Europe.

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