Back in January, a new line of Pokémon shirts was revealed for Japan. Featuring all of the original 151 Pokémon, the designs can be fully mixed and matched to suit your style, and it was soon confirmed that they'd be headed to the west, too.

Now, that magical day has arrived. You can go ahead and build your own shirt now (simply select which style of shirt you want to wear, the type of collar and sleeves you're after, and then choose which of the 151 Pokémon you'd like to represent your shirt, collar, and pocket).

We just had a very quick go ourselves - purely as research for this article, of course - and came up with this masterpiece featuring an Ivysaur base shirt with Hitmonlee collar and Vileplume pocket. We're sure you can do better.


As you might expect, though, all of this fancy Poké-shirt business comes at a cost. You're looking at a minimum of $100 to rep your favourite monsters, with prices sneaking up depending on your choices.

Still, it's hard to deny that the whole process is pretty cool. If you've got the cash to throw at it, why not?

Want one? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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