Untitled Goose Game

It's fair to say that Untitled Goose Game has taken the world by a storm, even to the point where model and TV personality Christine Teigen has allowed it to invade her family home. Everyone seems to be talking about that horrible, horrible goose, and the game's viral success has put Australian developer House House well and truly on the map.

Nico Disseldorp, who worked on Untitled Goose Game, has been speaking to the BBC about its critical and commercial triumph, and admits that the concept seems to have captured the imagination of the gaming world:

I think the goose character allows people to be this source of mischief that lots of people desire being in video games. No matter what the game is, you find a certain kind of player will look for ways of making mischief. They may even ignore the story that's been laid out for them, to go and do something mischievous instead. In this game, you're told to go in there and make as big a mess as possible.

Jake Strasser, who also worked on the game, reveals the leading contender for the game's title before it was finally decided to simply retain the 'Untitled Goose Game' moniker: Some Like It Honk. "It wasn't viable," says Strasser.

One of the few criticisms we levelled at the game in our review was that it was over all too quickly, but Disseldorp insists that the game's length isn't a cause for concern, at least within the team:

We knew from the beginning that we wanted the player to progress through this village. We knew the kinds of moments and characters we wanted to have. When we got people to our office, we started timing how long it took them to play and they seemed to take about four hours, on average. It seems now the game is out, some people are playing it faster than that. But when it comes to the games that we play, we don't really worry if it's short or long. I think it's really nice that people can play to the end of this thing without spending their life on it.

The obvious question is when we can expect a sequel, but Disseldorp admits that House House simply hasn't had the time to think about that yet, and is focused instead on patching the existing game to make sure it's perfect:

Right now we're still looking at the next patch for the game to fix a few bugs. It's taken everything we had to get us to this point, so we haven't been in the background concocting a sequel just yet.

How are you getting on with being a horrible goose? Remember to check our complete Untitled Goose Game walkthrough if you're stuck.

[via bbc.co.uk]