A new trailer for Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 has dropped and it suggests that Nintendo Switch is the answer to your travel woes. Entitled 'Fun Takes Off', it seems that everyone and their gran are off to Tokyo when the flight is delayed, but contrary to popular opinion, that is actually a boon.

While normally delays are a nightmare with confused people becoming angry people when airline staff turn up after 5 hours offering a £2.50 W.H. Smiths coupon for as an apology for the inconvenience, it seems that everyone in the trailer above is equipped with their own Nintendo Switch. Cut to scenes of extreme jubilation as the crowd get into the competition with Mobius and Mushroom Kingdom competitors.

To be fair, the game looks mighty fun and the trailer does a great job of showcasing the variety of events on offer, as well as that brilliant retro mode which grabs the attention of even the crustiest old gamer. We're not sure the game would be fun enough to make us forget that we're going to miss our connecting flight in Singapore, but still - colour us intrigued.

Obscene levels of enthusiasm aside, what did catch our eye is the highly irresponsible way the woman at the start stashes her Switch in the back jeans pocket. Yes, perhaps we've done that in the past. Sure, it's fine... until you bend over to pick up your bag and the entire console squeezes out and clatters onto the gleaning airport floor. Luckily, the console survived unscathed, but don't carry your Switches like that, kids!

It's going to end in tears.
It's going to end in tears.

As the eagle-eyed might have spotted in yesterday's Nintendo Download update, there's a demo currently on the eShop, so you can get stuck in and see if the game takes your fancy. If it gets us half as excited as the people in the above trailer appear to be, it's a guaranteed Day One purchase for us.

We once got delayed with only our Switch for company - the battery ran out after 20 minutes. This lot must have the new longer battery life version. Let us know below if you've tried out the eShop demo of M&SATOT2020 (as nobody is abbreviating it) and why nobody at the airport in the trailer has a Switch Lite.