Enchanted Portals caused quite a stir when it was revealed earlier this month, with many fans accusing two-person studio Xixo of shamelessly ripping off the visual style of Cuphead.

While there's no denying that the two titles do look very similar – Xixo even issued a statement saying that it was prepared for a 'backlash' – it would seem that the negative publicity hasn't prevented it from being courted by publishers.

The original plan was to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund development, but Xixo has stated via Facebook that talks are in progress and the crowdfunding drive – while not totally canned at this stage – is going to be delayed indefinitely:

Hi everyone, we’re super happy to announce that we’re in the middle of negotiations with a publisher! Things are still in the air so we’re not going to cancel the Kickstarter campaign just yet, but we will be delaying it indefinitely while we sort all of this out.

This is really good news because if all goes well we could be start working on our game much sooner than expected, being able to solely focus on production and with a much higher scope than we previously thought possible!

Xixo plans to bring the title to Switch and PC.