Developer Level 91 has announced a brand new arcade racer that goes by the name of Inertial Drift, coming to Switch (and other platforms) in Spring 2020. The announcement trailer above gives you a good idea of the style of sideways racing thrills and spills to expect, including some twin-stick drifting controls that'll have you sliding faster than the pound against the euro at the suggestion of a 'no deal' British Exit from the EU.

Using both analogue sticks to initiate and maintain sideways vehicular action, publishers PQube inform us that you'll be able to get your Tokyo drift on behind the wheel of 16 different automobiles and burn around 20 Japanese tracks at unsafe velocities with all the lovely sunsets and neon lighting you could ask for.

The trailer promises local splitscreen multiplayer, although there's no word of an online mode just yet. This is a 1v1 racer, though, which certainly sounds interesting in an age where more is more. Here are a few more details from the official blurb, plus some screenshots:

Twin-stick drifting!
Twice the controls, twice the control! A completely new level of precision allows for drifts a hair's breadth away from the crash barrier, making every turn intense!

16 different driving styles!
Every character and their car in Inertial Drift have an unique driving style! Pick your favourite technique or master all of them to become the ultimate racer!

90s Retro-Future setting!
20 tracks, flooded by the lights of pink Japanese sunset and vibrant neon-cities, set the stage for thrilling chases!

Intense 1-on-1 racing!
Scaling the races down to duels adds excitement to every face-off, giving you an adrenaline boost every time you see headlights in your back mirror and hear the music pick up!

The idea of 1-on-1 racing arguably sounds refreshing, although that implies that a novice will stand little chance against a veteran drifter, so presumably you'll need to find someone of a similar skill level if you're after a real nail-biter. That said, perhaps there's some intriguing rubber-band mechanic to keep races tight. Whatever the game plays like - and it'll have its work cut out to outpace Horizon Chase Turbo in the arcade racer category - those sunsets sure look purdy.

We're sure there'll be more information coming out regarding Inertial Drift at EGX this week, so we'll be keeping an eye out for more tidbits. Do you like what you see in the reveal trailer? Hit the gas and leave an impressive skid mark in the box below. Hang on, that came out wrong...