Limited Run Games

Switch physical releases seem to be alive and well, with Limited Run Games announcing "two-week pre-orders" for a physical copy of Battle Princess Madelyn on Switch and PS4 go live later this week, on 25th October.

Here's a bit about the game, in case you forgot:

Madelyn and her (ghost) dog Fritzy must save the kingdom from an evil wizard in Battle Princess Madelyn, a 2D action-adventure!

And below is a message from the creator Chris Obritsch, who talks about the changes in the Royal Edition:

Part way through development, it became clear that the game was straying from it's originally intended roots. The game was intended to be Story Mode and Arcade mode in the same level set. But with all of the added extras of the Kickstarter and story additions added to appease the CMF funding we never ended up getting, the levels needed to be made much bigger and the flow no longer worked for the arcade. It became more "fetch quest" and less of an action adventure game that was originally designed, this was due to accommodating all of the backer NPCs. We continued on this path and I separated the Levels into two sets: One designed for story mode - the original levels and one designed just for arcade mode. And while we were happy with the way the game turned out in the long run - it wasn't the game I had originally set out to make. So I pulled out my old designs from before Kickstarter and CMA funding application, which required us to alter and add certain story bits to meet their criteria for submission. I began to change things to be the way they were before either mode existed and more like my prototype. My partner and lead developer of CBG had also left at the time to pursue another career, therefore I had personally reprogrammed a lot of different things for this version of the game. You'll see the movement for skeletons resembles the movement of my prototype as it was originally intended. Little things such as this will have changed as well.

Will you be adding this to your physical Switch library? Tell us below.