Monster Boy

Today, FDG Entertainment is launching a new patch for Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom on Nintendo Switch, and it comes with nice little touch for Switch Lite owners.

The developer actually teased the patch last month, saying that it had "a fun idea" for the game running on a Switch Lite. Now we know exactly what that idea was all about:

As you can see, after installing the game's Version 1.0.5 patch, you can change the user interface to display certain colour schemes. The turquoise, yellow, and grey colours used for the Switch Lite's launch models are all available, meaning you can match the interface to your shiny new console, but there are also red, pink and green options - which just so happen to match Joy-Con colours found on the original Switch.

If you've picked up a Switch Lite yourself - and particularly if you've gone for one of the yellow or turquoise options - you'll know just how nice those colours are in the flesh, and we quite like the idea of a game adjusting to match them as you play.

What do you think? A nice touch, or not so keen? Share your thoughts with us below.

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