One way to prolonging the life of games nowadays is to make additional content available after a few months.

Nintendo's most common approach is to release expansion pass content, which we've seen in games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and more recently in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. If you thought Luigi's Mansion 3 would be safe from DLC updates, you're in for a bit of a shock.

Following on from yesterday's news about the game's file size and prepurchase bonus, it has now been discovered Luigi's third outing will receive its very own paid DLC multiplayer content. Here's the description directly from the Switch eShop:

Paid DLC will come to Luigi's Mansion 3 in the future, adding new content to the ScareScaper and ScreamPark!

There's no information about when this DLC will be made available or how much it will cost. For more details about the multiplayer content within the game, check out our previous post and the trailer above.

Did you expect Nintendo to add paid DLC to Luigi's Mansion 3? How do you feel about this being revealed prior to the game's release? Tell us below.