Ittle Dew 2

Update (Tue 24th Sep, 2019 00:40 BST): Nicalis has now provided a statement to US Gamer, addressing the delisting of Ittle Dew 2+ on consoles:

Our Ittle Dew 2 publishing agreement with Ludosity has ended. We've been in communication with the Ludosity team and the first-party platforms during the transition and attempted to transfer the publishing from Nicalis to Ludosity. The game was successfully transferred to Ludosity on Steam. Unfortunately, not all storefronts have a backend system in place to transfer or "re-home" a game to a different publisher. To abide by the terms of the original contract and Ludosity's request to assume control of publishing Ittle Dew 2, it was necessary to delist the game on these platforms.

We remain fans of Ittle Dew 2 and we wish the Ludosity team all the best in the future.

Original Story (Mon 23rd Sep, 2019 11:30 BST): Action-adventure game Ittle Dew 2+ has been removed from the Nintendo Switch eShop and other digital gaming platforms. The news has been shared online by Joel Nyström, CEO of developer Ludosity.

After taking a quick look on the eShop ourselves, we've found that the game has indeed vanished from the North American Switch eShop, although our European accounts can still see and buy the game as usual at the time of writing. The removal has taken place against the developer's wishes; Nyström has blamed publisher Nicalis in a series of tweets which reference the troubling issues revealed in a recent investigation of the company.

(Note: Nyström's comments have been edited to cover any bad language).

Can definitely confirm that Nicalis is a piece of s*** publisher - after being surprised to find out (by looking in their email inbox) that we cancelled their license to publish 6 months ago, they first agreed to transfer the games over to us.

Well after the usual ghosting for a few weeks I today wake up to find that they just couldn't be bothered, and just delisted Ittle Dew 2 from all console store fronts.

Another promise to us they just straight up broke - and a s***** move for the customers. Now I'm gonna see if I can get them de-delisted or if I have to re-publish.

Essentially, according to Nyström's comments, Nicalis was asked to (and agreed to) hand over Ittle Dew 2's publishing rights to Ludosity. It appears that Nicalis didn't do this, instead opting to simply remove the game from the store entirely, leaving the developer with quite the headache.

Hopefully Ludosity can find a solution to the issue quickly; if you haven't played Ittle Dew 2+, you're missing out.