At the very beginning of the most recent Nintendo Direct, it was revealed the popular team-based shooter Overwatch would be coming to the Switch. Since then, Blizzard has been answering many questions about this particular version of the game and if it will support features like cross-play and cross-progression.

If you've been wondering how the Nintendo release will hold up in terms of performance, principal game producer Wes Yanagi revealed what Switch players could expect during a recent interview with Eurogamer:

So really what we wanted to do when we started this whole thing was to really deliver on that authentic Overwatch experience. Our goal was making sure it could run smoothly and look the way that we're happy with. So, it runs at 30fps, docked at 900p and un-docked at 720p, and it runs really smoothly. I think when you play it, and you get your hands on it, you just go, yeah I'm playing Overwatch.

Digital Foundry was also quick to point out the Hi-Rez team-based shooter Paladins runs at 60fps on Switch. And on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Overwatch runs at 60fps and has a resolution of 1080p.

Over on Twitter, Blizzard communications manager Nazih Fares was asked the same question about the frame rate and resolution of the Switch version and reiterated the above information. When asked who had developed the Overwatch port for Switch, he confirmed Blizzard had "worked closely" with Iron Galaxy.

Iron Galaxy is the same port specialist that helped Blizzard release Diablo III: Eternal Collection on the Switch, and prior to this, worked on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for Nintendo's hybrid platform.

Are you glad to hear Iron Galaxy is involved? What do you think of the frame rate being locked at 30fps? Leave a comment down below.