Get those garlic cloves at the ready because Vampyr is just weeks away from chowing down on a Switch near you. The game launches on Nintendo's machine next month.

Developed by Dontnod (Remember Me, Life Is Strange), Vampyr is an action RPG with a narrative-driven focus. The game follows the story of a doctor who has turned into a vampire, and players must use a mixture of dialogue options and combat to hunt their prey, replenishing strength and levelling up along the way. Most combat can actually be avoided if you prefer, however.

Here's some PR to set the scene:

Awaken in 1918 London as Dr. Jonathan Reid, a newly-turned vampire. Plunged into a hidden world of ungodly creatures and vampire hunters, you must find a cure for the deadly disease spreading through the city.

As a doctor, you made an oath, but as a vampire, you must feed. Use your burgeoning powers to uncover conspiracies festering in the darkest corners of London. The citizens make up an intricate social web, where the consequences of each life taken will ripple through the city. How far into the darkness will you go?

Vampyr will launch on Nintendo Switch on 29th October both digitally and physically. Pre-orders for the physical edition have already started popping up at various retailers.

Will you be giving this one a go on Switch? Have you already checked it out on other platforms? Share your thoughts with us below.