We're only a couple of weeks away from the launch of Astral Chain, PlatinumGames' latest Switch exclusive, and we're getting more and more intrigued about it by the day.

In a new video shared by the folks at VGC, we can get a good look at some of the game's early footage. Things appear to kick off with a cool motorbike scene which has you shooting away at baddies trying to stop you in your tracks, but we also get to see the calmer side of gameplay (including the introduction of Lappy, the wonderful dog mascot) and an epic boss fight.

It's all looking rather lovely to us, and as we mentioned last month after going hands-on with the game ourselves, we think players are going to really enjoy it.

Recently, the game's director Takahisa Taura revealed that the game's focus on Legions - creatures that can be summoned to fight alongside you - may have been inspired by Pokémon.

Are you thinking of buying the game? Astral Chain launches on 30th August, exclusively for Switch.

[source videogameschronicle.com]