Between us, the team here at Nintendo Life have a fair new Nintendo 64 consoles of varying colours and designs sitting at home or in the office, but none of us have one quite like this.

Retro gaming YouTuber BitHead1000 has created something that nobody asked for, that no one could ever need, but something that many will no doubt now desire for the rest of time. Yes, it's time for you to meet the fire-breathing N64.

A standard model of the console has been used, but it's been entirely modded to feature a heavy-duty metal casing, two gas valves, and a rotating N64 logo with a red backlight to add to the fiery mood. It's grown in size somewhat, but can still play games just as it always could and works with the standard, but also-modded controller.

You can see the monstrosity be built in the video below; if you're only here for the fire, you'll want to skip to the 18:25 mark.

The dilemma now is whether or not to introduce a line of fire-breathing consoles to our wooden gaming shelves. Maybe not.

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