Image: FC Barcelona

Being the pretty serious Nintendo fans that we are here at Nintendo Life (what gave the game away?), we often find ourselves sharing knowing little nods with others who use their Switch, 3DS, or even Game Boys out and about in public. It's nice to know that other people share your hobby and it's interesting to see which hardware models others decide to pick up. Maybe it's just us?

Either way, we imagine it's even better seeing your heroes playing on your favourite games consoles, too, and this video from FC Barcelona features a whole lot of footage showing just that for fans of the beautiful game. The video is documenting a team trip to Miami as they get ready for a friendly match against Napoli, and a fair few players appear to play Switch during their downtime.

With so many Switch consoles in one place and all the fancy close-ups of players using them, it feels like the start of the video may as well be an advert for Nintendo's machine. It's not - we checked - although Barça do have a history of showing off their Switches.

So there you have it: even multi-millionaires like to play Switch, too. We wonder if they're playing as themselves on FIFA?

Thanks to David for the tip!