Grandia HD

Grandia HD Collection launched last week, bringing with it even more quality RPG action to the Nintendo Switch. However, it also brings a rather amusing mistake, relating specifically to the German localisation.

When you attack an enemy but happen to miss, the game flashes up the message "Fräulein." While this does actually mean "miss" in German, it's referring to a woman rather than an attack that has missed its target. "Daneben" or "Verfehlt" are the words they should have used.

Believe it or not, this isn't even the most amusing translation mistake seen in the German version of a video game, as Nintendo Life contributor Chris Scullion points out (apologies in advance for the bad language, but it's sort of necessary here):

We'd like to see a funnier translation issue than that one – and we're sure you'll be kind enough to point some out in the comments section below. On your marks!

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