Kirby Cropped

Fans have released a western translation of Kirby's Super Star Stacker, a game which released on the Super Famicom just over 21 years ago.

The game is a remake of Game Boy title Kirby's Star Stacker and was only ever released in Japan (the original Game Boy game did launch in North America and Europe). The remake was intended to release worldwide, too, but with game localisation being a much slower process back then than what it is today, the SNES' lifespan was over before it could make the leap.

This new fan translation was started some time ago but abandoned, with hacking and translations being picked up by TheDanaAddams and Reld. All menus and text have been translated, including the option to add an English-language name, and "a significant amount of hacking has been done to present the game as a polished and official-looking localisation".


Kirby's Super Star Stacker was the final Kirby game to be released for the Super Famicom, so if you don't have access to Japanese games or a copy of the original on Game Boy, perhaps this is worth checking out?