The Switch version of TY the Tasmanian Tiger has been successfully funded on Kickstarter in less than a week. To celebrate the project meeting its $50,000 USD goal, Krome Studios has added a new stretch goal.

Thank you to everybody who has pledged so far! We are humbled and honored to have your support in bringing TY the Tasmanian Tiger to the Nintendo Switch.

The new stretch goal is $75,000 USD and will add character customisation to the game. All of these designs will be made by the original creator of TY, Steven Stamatiadis. Krome Studios also noted how none of the skins would be locked behind a paywall, either. Here's the full rundown:

We'll have a selection of different skins to choose from, some of which will be unlocked as you play the game, some will be available from the moment you start playing. None of the skins will be locked behind "real money" expenditure (or even opal purchasing), and all skins will be available to all users (even those who buy the game at retail, from the eShop, when it is released) - ie, there will not be any "backer specific" skins.

If you want to join in on the celebration, you can download a TY the Tasmanian Tiger Cubee made by the folk at Cubee Craft. And for more information about this 3D platform game from the GameCube era coming to Switch, check out our previous post, the official Kickstarter page and view the trailer below:

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[source kickstarter.com, via twitter.com]