This week, Fire Emblem: Three Houses made its debut on the Nintendo Switch. This is the first home console release for the series in over ten years and it delivers an absolutely wonderful strategy RPG experience. The voice acting in the game is equally as fantastic. Every single line of dialogue has been voiced and each character has a memorable identity because of it.

Recently, our American-based video producer Zion Grassl interviewed Joe Zieja, the voice of Claude Von Regan (the leader of the Golden Deer in Fire Emblem Three Houses). Zieja is a voice actor and author located in the LA region, who started out as an officer in the United States Air Force and eventually went on to pursue a career in voice acting.

In the above interview, you can find out how Joe landed the role as Claude, get some insight into the voice acting industry, find out his past history voicing characters such as Fox McCloud from the Star Fox series and much more.

View the full interview in the video above and tell us if you sided with The Golden Deer house in the new Fire Emblem game.