Update: A page on the Nintendo UK store now gives visitors the option to register their interest in the console. Alongside this is confirmation that it'll cost £199.99 in the region.

Original Article: With the Nintendo Switch Lite reveal yesterday, one of the key pieces of information left out - for those living outside of the US, at least - was the pricing.

We already know that in the US, a lovely new Switch Lite will cost you $199.99. All marketing materials provided to us by Nintendo from the UK and Europe, as well as all of its official websites from these regions, avoid mentioning any pricing info. As such, these early pre-order listings are the first (unofficial) prices we have to go on.

Two of the largest retailers for video games in the UK, Amazon UK and GAME, have listed Switch Lite pre-orders for £199.99. A straight conversion from the US' $200 should work out at around £160, but the UK rarely gets a true conversion rate such as that. We expected the console to be available at around the £180 mark, but we wouldn't be surprised if these £199.99 listings turn out to be accurate.

Naturally, we'll make sure to update you when Nintendo officially reveals its pricing for other regions. We do know that in Australia, the recommend retail price will be $329.95 AUS.

What sort of price point would make you consider buying a Switch Lite? Does $200 / £200 seem fair? Or do you think it should be lower? Let us know in the comments.

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