Following on from yesterday's news about Nintendo's possible plan to update some of the components in the original Switch model, a hacker and dataminer known as Mike Heskin has now taken to Twitter to share his own findings about the recently announced Lite model and a completely new and improved system, that's rumoured to be on the way.

This information has been extracted from recent firmware updates. Below is the full summary, courtesy of the ResetEra user Atheerios:

Since firmware 5.0 there has been support for three hardware lines, one with the original Tegra 210 and two for the new Tegra 214 (Mariko)

Those two hardware lines are Switch Lite and Switch "New".

The original Switch has 4GB of RAM and 6GB for the devkit. The new models have support for both 4GB and 8GB of RAM.

Both Switch Lite and "New" use LPDDR4X DRAM which grants a small battery boost due to lower voltages.

Switch Lite has a smaller screen and non-detachable controllers while "New" Switch should have the exact same form factor.

The GPU in the "New" Switch is clocked at higher values than Switch Lite, potentially giving a modest performance boost.

Larger than 32GB memory is possible in the "New" units. Two models have been found in the firmware (codenames "Iowa" and "Calcio") and is speculated that one will have more internal storage.

There's absolutely no evidence of an actual "Pro" version. At least not in the sense that it would be based off of the Tegra X2 or have massive performance and/or memory improvements.

Not long after the Switch Lite was revealed to the world, Doug Bowser explained it would be the only new Switch hardware coming this holiday and that the original model would not be receiving an upgrade right now. As already mentioned above, this followed with Nintendo filing a "Class II Permission Change" to the FCC.

What are your thoughts about these findings? Tell us below.

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