Let us improve your day dramatically by sharing the most wholesome piece of Nintendo trivia we've stumbled across in recent times.

Anyone familiar with the Donkey Kong Country Returns series will likely remember the barrels used to transport DK around each stage; hop into one of these explosive beasts and you'll soon find yourself being fired off to a distant platform.

As it turns out, in the original Wii game, whenever DK and trusty sidekick Diddy Kong enter one of these barrels, DK actually gives Diddy a little cuddle. Awww. This has been discovered by @MarioBrothBlog, who unloaded the barrel model in the game to check out the monkeys within; rather than cut away portions of each character model, it would appear the development team opted to have them embrace in a very tight snuggle instead.

Is this little piece of trivia mostly useless? Probably, but then isn't that often the best kind of trivia? Either way, we find it reassuring to know that our favourite video game apes take care of each other throughout their perilous journeys.

Lovely stuff.