Hori Lite

The prolific peripheral maker Hori has announced it has been selected as an officially licensed launch partner for the Nintendo Switch Lite. As a result, it will be working closely with Nintendo from an "early stage" to produce "a robust line" of accessories, which will be available alongside the launch of the system on 20th September.

Hori intends to offer storage and screen protection accessories, and many "other items" that will be available at retailers around the globe. In the PR, Hori said it was incredibly proud to be a launch partner:

HORI has worked closely with Nintendo to develop these products and is proud to be a launch partner supporting the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Are you glad to hear you'll be able to pick up some Hori accessories when the Switch Lite is released? Do you intend to purchase Nintendo's dedicated portable hardware? Leave a comment below.

[source stores.horiusa.com]