Following on from the detailed look at the second DLC character, Dragon Quest's Hero, Update 4.0 for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is also launching today and the video from Smash creator Masahiro Sakurai provided some answers as to the changes and new features it brings.

The additions and alterations coming in this update include the following (as well as myriad behind-the-scenes balance tweaks, we'd imagine):

  • In an effort to prevent a languorous waiting game, powerful Final Smash moves will now be tied to a time-limited meter that appears below your character's name.
  • A new, 'Very Easy' Adventure Mode difficulty is being added to help players who are having problems (or those that simply want a more relaxing Smash experience).
  • A new Spectate Mode feature will enable you to predict the outcome of bouts. Choosing correctly will win you points which you can then exchange for an item. Handy! There's nothing to lose if you choose poorly, so this seems like a win-win.
  • A new Online Tourney mode is being added. You enter by simply selecting the option from the menu (obviously, this requires a NIntendo Switch Online subscription) and you'll enter a huge bracket-based brawl. Rules are preset but they'll change periodically. Special Event Tourneys will be hosted 'from time to time', too.
  • In the video editing mode, you can now insert screenshots into your videos and play videos consecutively.

If you'd like to see Sakurai-san himself go through the new features, here he is detailing them one-by-one following the Hero deep-dive:

Are you excited for these brand new additions? Let us know if you're down with the new Final Smash time limit in the comments section below.