Fans of shmups are being well catered for on Switch with a plethora of excellent shooting games hitting the console over the past two years, including classics and brand new titles. The latest contender will arrive this Thursday 27th June on eShop and it looks to be a little more lighthearted than many other games in the genre.

Q-YO Blaster comes from Team Robot Black Hat and appears to blend pixel art, anime and gun-mounted guinea pigs into a horizontal scrolling shmup that nods towards the irreverent charms of shooters like Parodius. The Switch launch trailer above gives you an idea of the surreal and colourful action, plus the odd characters you'll encounter including Mr. Cheeks, the aforementioned rodent.

The game launched on PC back in January 2018 and currently carries a 'Very Positive' user rating on Steam. Some of the features from the eShop page include:

- 10 stages with animated backgrounds and high detail
- Characters by class
- Arcade mode
- Weapons and Perks
- Super Special Powers
- Variety of enemies and confrontations against great bosses
- Difficulty levels
- CRT mode

And here are a few screenshots to whet your appetite:

It sure looks like it's blending several influences, and those Cuphead-esque boss characters look great. The RRP is £8.99 / $9.99, although there's a 10% discount at launch, and if you own any of publisher Forever Entertainment's other games you'll get an 'Owner Discount' reducing the price by 50%. Seems like a decent deal if the game is half as fun as the trailer looks!

Have you crossed paths with Q-YO Blaster on PC? Like the look of what you've seen? Let us know below.