After launching in Japan in April, the excellent SEGA AGES version of Virtua Racing will finally come to the west on 27th June. As you can see in the trailer above, we'll also be getting SEGA AGES version of Wonder Boy: Monster Land on the same date (they're both in the 'Coming Soon' section at the end).

Both ports were handled by veteran wizards M2 and Virtua Racing boasts 8-player local multiplayer and 60fps gameplay, doubling the original game's 30. Wonder Boy also has some upgrades, including New Game Plus and three new challenge modes, plus online leaderboards.

It's great news for retro fans who have held off downloading the Japanese version of Virtua Racing, and we're big fans of the port, as you can see from this extract from our review:

Virtua Racing is by far the most impressive Sega Ages release to date, offering an incredible remaster that doesn’t just replicate the arcade game but actively improves its resolution and frame rate. Newcomers should be aware that it still only offers three tracks and one car, but those willing to accept this fairly meagre offering will find that the new 20-lap Grand Prix mode and the online leaderboards give it a much-needed boost of longevity.

They'll both arrive on 27th June for $7.99 each.

Will you be downloading either (or both) of these classics come the end of the month? Let us know in the usual place.