Now that Super Mario Maker 2 has been released, our lovely senior video producer, Alex Olney, has uploaded a video about two particularly interesting items you eventually unlock in story mode.

The first is the Super Hammer, which is exclusive to the Super Mario 3D World extra theme. It allows you to use a hammer to destroy a variety of blocks and oddly spawn crates. You can even place up to five of these crates at once.

The other power-up is the Superball Flower. This item first appeared in Super Mario Land on the Game Boy and will give your character a retro look in Mario Maker 2. It's a variant of the Fire Flower and shoots a projectile at a weird trajectory. You'll also hear the classic Mario Land music when you pick it up.

Have you unlocked either of these items in Super Mario Maker 2 yet? Discovered any other cool secrets? Leave a comment below.