PM Studios and acttil have revealed that Ministry of Broadcast is headed for Nintendo Switch next year. Want more good news? It'll be available in lovely physical form.

The game "embodies the spirit of classic cinematic platformers", with players needing to finely tune their run-and-jump reflexes. The protagonist sets off through a series of arenas in an effort to earn his freedom and reunite with his family, and your job is to guide him through each hazardous, decaying environment and past every obstacle in your path.

You'll come up against leg-shattering drops, flaming trash barrels, inconveniently located spike pits, dangling steel beams, and even some rather disturbing man-made platforms. You'll see what we mean by "man-made" if you watch the trailer above. Here's a list of key features for you:

Key Features

- Cinematic Platforming: Run, jump, climb, and smash your way through each Arena while events unfold around you. Much of the story is revealed through seamlessly integrated animation sequences, environment details, or NPCs dropping bits of dialogue and you sneak, dive, and dodge around them.

- Environmental HUD: Instead of a screen cluttered with distracting indicators, minimaps, and HP bars overlaying the action, all the information the player will need is incorporated directly into the environment. Important hints and clues are subtly incorporated into the game's art, so players will need a keen eye if they want to get through each Arena unscathed.

- Puzzle Solving: You'll need to use your wits, and sometimes a dash of ruthlessness, to advance through each deadly Arena. Much of the puzzle-solving requires you to interact directly with the environment; use your own momentum to move platforms, find and flip the right levers, and maybe even sacrifice an NPC or two in order to get across an extra spiky pit.

- Story and Personality: The game features a heavy dose of impish humor, grade-A sarcasm, and comic mischief, balanced against the dark, heavy themes of a thoroughly dystopian world.

This one will be launching early 2020, so there's still quite a way to go before we get our hands on it.

What do you think? Will you be adding this one to your Switch wishlist? Tell us below.