The Pokémon Company has shared a brand new presentation for its upcoming smartphone game, Pokémon Masters. You can watch the entire show (which is only eight minutes long) above.

The game comes from both The Pokémon Company and DeNA, and is aiming to create a gameplay experience where players can befriend other trainers, as well as just their Pokémon. The presentation began with a lengthy animated trailer, before the game's producer, Yu Sasaki, appeared to tell us a little more.

He revealed that the game would take place on an artificial island called Pasio, where trainers are aiming to become the champion of a new competition called the Pokémon Masters League. Trainers have just a single Pokémon which travels with them, and this pairing is referred to as a 'sync pair'.

Through the story, you'll meet trainers from the main series of Pokémon games and join up with them to create a team; to qualify for the competition, your team will embark on an adventure to collect badges. Things are a little different here, though, as Pokémon Masters has you playing in 3-on-3 team battles in real-time - you can see some battle action in the video above.

There are special moves called sync moves, and even the trainers themselves join in by acting as a support character (which allows them to heal a Pokémon mid-battle). Sasaki notes that the aim with Pokémon Masters was to create a game which anyone could casually pick up and enjoy.

The game will be launching in summer 2019 on the App Store and Google Play. More details (hopefully including info on how the game will handle monetisation) are expected to follow.

What do you think? Will you be downloading this and giving it a go? Share your early thoughts with us in the comments.