Pokemon Lets Go

Update: Serebii.net webmaster Joe Merrick has explained what exactly the 'Pokegenic' trademark is linked to over on Twitter. It's being used to highlight the photo spots at this year's Pikachu festival in Yokohama.

Earlier this week, The Pokémon Company made four major announcements during its 2019 press conference. If that wasn't already enough for all of the trainers and collectors out there, next week, a Pokémon Direct is taking place and it's expected to reveal more information about the upcoming Switch release, Sword and Shield.

Now, in the latest news, Japanese Nintendo is reporting Nintendo, Creatures Inc and Game Freak have applied for a 'Pokegenic' trademark in Japan. Here's a look at the first page of the trademark:

Image: Japanese Nintendo

This trademark is said to cover "exhibitions, performances, education, culture, entertainment" and more. We guess we'll just have to wait and find out if it leads to anything major.

For now, though, feel free to speculate about what this trademark could be for in the comments below.

[source japanesenintendo.com]