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Update: A few eagle-eyed Darius fans have noticed a striking similarity between the new version of Darius included on the Mega Drive / Genesis Mini and an unofficial port created by 'bedroom coder' Hidecade.

This has led to some assuming that Sega and M2 have used Hidecade's work as the basis for this port. However, in a statement issued to Kotaku, Sega has refuted these claims, saying that "the version of the version of Darius on the Genesis Mini is a totally new version ported by the developer M2, and not based on the fan work." Kotaku maintains that there could be a "connection" between the two, "since the Mini version bears a striking similarity to the fan-created port."

Here's a comparison between the two versions, with Hidecade's being at the top and the Mega Drive Mini version at the bottom:

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Original Story: Sega surprised us by including Tetris in the Mega Drive / Genesis Mini lineup, but that wasn't the only shock we've had today – the company has also confirmed that a brand-new port of Taito's 1986 shooter Darius will also be included.

Famed for its three-monitor setup, Darius is considered to be one of the most iconic shmups of the '80s, ranking alongside R-Type and Gradius in the pantheon of classics. It has never been available on the Mega Drive / Genesis previously, although its sequel did see release back in the day. The original Darius is also available on Switch as part of the import-only Darius Cozmic Collection.

You can check out the full lineup for the Mega Drive Mini here, and if it has you all excited, then you might want to pre-order the console here. It launches in September.