Fire Emblem: Three Houses is now just over a month away from release and you may well be starting to think about the age-old question: to go physical, or digital?

Hopefully helping your decision, a Japanese download card for the game has now been spotted, giving us the all-important file size. In Japan, a digital copy will take up 11.9GB of space - you can expect the western versions to either be practically identical or marginally larger after any localisation additions.

The card also reveals a few extra details. It notes that a Nintendo Switch Online subscription will be required for some online aspects (from the details we've seen so far, online activities should be rather minor), that amiibo functionality will be supported, and that DLC will be made available. This DLC will reportedly include new missions, paralogues, and costumes.

Looking forward to this one? Are you thinking of picking it up digitally, or physically? Let us know in the comments below.

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