Nearly two years on after its initial announcement for Switch, A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher is finally available on Nintendo Switch eShop. Self-described as a 'Split Screen Single Player Twin Stick Risk 'Em Up', Ask an Enemy Studios has spent over four years developing the game which has you controlling two ships at the same time.

On the left side of the screen you must destroy enemies for points, and resources on the right side must be collected to multiply your score. However, while the ship on the left is impervious to damage, the resource harvesting right ship is vulnerable. ADHD: Trackher has you gambling your score with risk-reward mechanics encouraging you (hopefully) skirt death while racking up a sizeable score that gets added to the online leaderboard should you survive. You can choose when to leave with your score, but die and it'll be wiped away.

The game failed to reach its Kickstarter goals, but the devs said it was coming regardless, and after a couple of years, here it is! The action looks frantic and we're sure it'll take a while to master it's head-tapping/belly-rubbing gameplay, but it looks fascinating. It's available now on the eShop for $9.99.

Are you up for a shmup with a twist? Think you can master the left-brain/right-brain challenge (or are you thinking of cheating by splitting the Joy-Con with a mate)? Let us know below.