Super Mario Maker 2 is only a month away and the excitement for its big release is certainly building. You know, as in building? Ah, forget it.

Gearing up for the launch, Nintendo's very own Nintendo Minute duo Kit and Krysta have shared a brand new video showing the game's creation mode in action. We get to see the early steps of two course creations, getting a good look at how the menus look and behave and more. We've already seen most of the things on show thanks to the Super Mario Maker 2 Direct, but if you're as excited about the game as we are, you'll probably want to drool over it some more here.

If you're hoping to check out more specific Super Mario Maker 2 footage, our very own (and very lovely) Alex Olney has captured some very particular points of interest. We'll leave those videos for you below in case any pique your interest.

Excited to get your hands on it? Construct a comment or two for us down below.