Wonder Boy

Update: The official webpage for Sega Ages Wonder Boy has now confirmed the game will be released in Japan on 30th May.

It appears Sega has begun preparing for the release of the next Japanese Sega Ages game – Wonder Boy In Monster Land – by opening its official webpage and listing it as "coming soon" to the local eShop for 925 Yen.

In addition to this, there's also new information about what this particular version of the game will offer (thanks, Gematsu). For starters, the arcade game's "Joystick Rattle" trick can now be performed with a single button:

The “Joystick Rattle,” an old arcade trick in which the player vehemently rattles the joystick to increase the amount of gold obtained at certain points on the map, can be executed with a single button in the Sega Ages version.

The new "Money Hungry Mode" locks-off the above-mentioned feature and forces the player to play the game how the designers originally intended. There'll also be the same online leaderboards that were included in previous ports of Wonder Boy In Monster Land. Here are some examples of what you can expect:

Sphinx Challenge – Challenge the battle against the Sphinx, which players normally tend to skip.
Monster Castle Challenge – A time attack on the game’s final dungeon.
Fireball Challenge – A challenge in which you can only use fireballs (infinitely) and die in one hit.

And last of all, we have a round-up of in-game screenshots:


Are you still buying the Sega Ages games? Have you been anticipating Wonder Boy In Monster Land? Share your thoughts below.

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