Harvest Moon Light Of Hope

If Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition wasn't special enough for your liking, publisher Natsume will be releasing a "complete" edition of the Switch title, according to a listing on the GameStop website.

This version will include all of the previously released DLC, adding up to around $18 of extra content. Pre-orders for Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition Complete (gee, what a mouthful) are now live and the price is $29.99.

The special edition of this game was released on the Switch in May last year and outperformed company expectations. The Natsume Inc President, Hiro Maekawa, said the game set a new record with both physical and digital sales combined.

Below are some screenshots from the existing version of the game, courtesy of the Nintendo website:


Would you be interested in picking up the definitive version of this game? Do you already own the standard special edition? Tell us down in the comments.

[source nintendoeverything.com]