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We’re currently playing our way through Resident Evil 4 for our review, and while the prospect of once again enjoying what is perhaps the zenith of the entire franchise has pleased us greatly, there’s one thing missing from the Switch port: motion control.

It would seem that Resident Evil 4 on Switch is very much a straight conversion of the PS4 and Xbox One HD update from a while back, and no attempt has been made to factor in the motion controls that made the Wii edition of the game so appealing.

While alternative control options are available in-game, none of them enable motion control — something that could have been replicated quite easily thanks to the unique nature of the Joy-Con controllers.

You can’t really blame Capcom for this; directly porting the existing HD version is clearly the easiest option, and only a small portion of the user base on Switch will even notice the lack of motion input, but it still means that this isn’t quite the ‘definitive’ version of the game.

Capcom could, of course, patch motion controls in at a later date, but does it need to? Let us know your thoughts with a comment below.