Since the release of the Nintendo Labo VR Kit last month, users have been looking for unique ways to enhance their virtual experience. A lot of people have simply added a strap to the headset so they can play for prolonged periods, while others have gone to the extent of rebuilding the device with more durable materials.

3D printing enthusiast Alex Blackmore actually designed two different 3D-printed Labo VR headsets. It took around 40 hours to print and paint one of the designs which utilise the same lenses packaged with the Nintendo's Labo VR kits. The first version has you slide the Switch into the headset and is "fully compatible" with the VR Toy-Cons and the second design requires you to drop the system into the unit. You can download both versions from Autodesk Tinkercad.

Kotaku's Laura Kate Dale actually printed out the headset and said it was comfortable and light enough to use for a good few hours. You can even charge the Switch at the same time. Here are a few additional photos of the 3D printout:

So, if you own a 3D printer – what are you waiting for? Print this 3D headset and see what it's like for yourself.