Out of all of the Pokémon that could potentially become tourism mascots, you probably weren't expecting the floating rock-ground type Geodude to be the chosen one. Hiker would be proud.

Japan's Iwate Prefecture recently teamed up with The Pokémon Company to make Geodude the official tourism ambassador for the area. Geodude was selected because Iwate's kanji translates to "rock" and "hand."

As the mascot version of this Pokémon is unable to actually float, the costume comes with a grey and white leg pattern.

When the Huffington Post in Japan asked about this design choice, a representative from The Pokemon Company said they wanted "Geodude to have an appropriate form" and needed to ensure everyone had a "pleasant encounter" with the mascot.

Like all other good ambassadors, Geodude now has an official theme song. Have a listen below:

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