Super Mario Maker 2 Artwork

There was a lot to absorb during yesterday's Super Mario Maker 2 Direct presentation. We found out about the game's story mode, new multiplayer options and extra game styles. Did you know, however, Japan received a slightly different Direct? Yep, the one Japanese viewers saw might have revealed even more information about the anticipated Switch release.

In one part of the 17-minute Japanese video, eagle-eyed viewers noticed an item wheel had nine slots. If you view the same segment in the western Super Mario Maker 2 presentation, you'll see this same item wheel is limited to eight slots:

Super Mario Maker 2 Western Direct

The wheel in the Japanese presentation features what appears to be a hammer power-up, alongside many other items such as stars and mushrooms which enhance characters in the game and give them new abilities. Take a look for yourself:

Super Mario Maker 2 Japanese Direct

This discovery has many wondering if the Hammer Bros. suit from Super Mario Bros. 3 will appear in the sequel, while others seem to think it has some sort of link to Mario's builder outfit. A GameXplain video suggests the hammer could perhaps be similar to the pickaxe featured in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

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