From developer Bearded Brothers Games, Let's Go Nuts will soon be bounding onto a Nintendo Switch near you.

The game allows players to take part either alone or with up to three friends in what is essentially a colourful, digital version of 'the floor is lava'. You'll be using a combination of strategy and skill, taking control of squirrels who can create their own landing pads to hop past devious obstacles and collect nuts.

There are 40 campaign levels to explore across four cartoony worlds, with a plot which sees a once-peaceful forest be invaded by aliens, toxic waste, and explosive octopuses of all things. If you're thinking of playing this one in multiplayer you can choose between co-op and competitive modes, and you'll also find an endless mode and various cosmetics to unlock.

Dariusz Skrzypkowski, co-founder of Bearded Brothers Games, has shared the following in a press release:

“We’ve spruced up the squirrels and are ready to bring the critter chaos of Let’s Go Nuts to Nintendo Switch. With levels that are simple to complete but difficult to master, it’s a nutty adventure for players of all skill levels.”

These screenshots are taken from the Steam version of the game:

The game is set to release on 17th July for $9.99, although a 70% discount will be available "for a limited time" at launch.

Do you think this will be worth the price of admission, especially with that 70% discount? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.