PQube and Aquire have announced that maze-based arcade game SCRAP RUSH!! will launch on Nintendo Switch in the west this summer.

The game puts you and your friends into an arena full of metal blocks (we imagine we're not the only ones feeling a heavy Bomberman vibe after watching that trailer). Instead of bombs, though, you collect scrap, which gets turned into blocks and launched at opponents.

You'll need to crush your opponents against the wall, all while dodging attacks from other players who are trying to do the same to you. The game was trending on the Japanese eShop last month, so it would seem that players have been enjoying this "hilarious" last-robot-standing affair.

We have some screenshots for you to check out below.

We'll make sure to keep an eye out for a release date for this one in the coming weeks, but until then, why not let us know your early thoughts in the comments below?