Clan N, a new, beat ‘em up, arcade-style multiplayer game, is coming to all major platforms including Nintendo Switch in 2019, it has been confirmed.

The game is made up of seven "robust and challenging" levels, each containing dedicated minigames which help to tell the main story. This story is divided into 50 sections overall, all full of action-packed fighting gameplay, but you can also take the fight online or via local communication for some fast-paced multiplayer brawling.

We have a full feature list for you below:

- Four unique characters each with their own upgradeable attributes
- Assortment of fighting mechanics including dodging, blocking heavy attacks, light attacks, and special attacks all based on popular techniques
- A main story with 7 levels divided into more than 50 sections
- Casual minigames tightly integrated into the main story that can be played separately as well
- Challenging mid-to-end level bosses with varying degrees of difficulty
- A slick and clean visual experience with accompanying far East-inspired music and sound effects
- Local and online multiplayer gameplay

Özden Irmak, founder of developer Creamative, has also shared the following in a press release:

“We created the game with the classic arcade fighter in mind but wanted to bring more modern combat solutions to it. Clan N brings dynamic fighting styles among each of the four master fighters you can play as but distinctively separates the stylized fighting techniques so players have a diverse assortment of tactics to choose from.”

Do you think this one has potential? Will you be keeping an eye out for more news as we wait for its release? Let us know in the usual place below.