Akane, a top-down arcade slasher set in a cyberpunk universe, is gearing up for a spicy release on Nintendo Switch. It arrives on the eShop later this month.

Actually described as a "brutal arena arcade slasher", Akane has a focus on one-hit-one-kill gameplay in which the player must kill as many opponents as they can before they die. To achieve this goal, players will have a range of weapons and special skills at their disposal, readying them for the different types of opponents they'll meet along the way.

A press release has shared a handy feature list to give you more info:


Five types of opponents:
- Yakuza Guy - a common mafia pawn;
- Tank - the only villain that will require more than just one katana slash to die;
- Shooter - a sharpshooter with cybernetic enhancements. Pro tip: those guys never miss;
- Cyber Ninja - a warrior who abdicated his body to become a killing machine. His dash attacks are deadly and his defence seems impenetrable. Remember however that everybody has their weak point;
- The Boss - Katsuro, your Nemesis who evolves, gets stronger and more dangerous according to the number of times he gets killed.

A large arsenal of diversified guns and equipment
- Katanas, each with their own unique abilities;
- Cigarettes that change the aesthetics of your special skills;
- Gadgets that grant small but significant improvements in combat;
- Boots that change the dash and the way you move on the screen.

Special skills and moves
- Dragon Slash - dash forward killing every enemy on your way;
- Dragon Slayer - kill all enemies on the screen.


The game launches on Switch on 17th May but pre-orders have just gone live for $4.99 / 4,99€. If you happen to own any other games from the same publisher - QubicGames - you might find that you're eligible to pick it up at 50% off for a limited time.

Do you like the look of this one? Will you be pre-ordering it? Let us know in the comments below.