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Nintendo may have released some incredibly odd devices over the years ranging from motion-controlled Power Gloves to Game Boy compatible sewing machines, but one lesser-known product designed by Power to the 10th Inc. for the NES might outdo them all.

Introducing the NES Hot Seat – a small chair with a modified Quickjoy-branded joystick attached to the armrest. The motion control is believed to rely on a tilt switch, which is a small cylinder containing "either a metal ball or liquid mercury" inside it. When moved it makes contact with metal electrodes to send a signal to the game.

The product was released in 1990 and was limited to the mid-west region in the United States. It was available in locations such as department and furniture stores for a retail price of $99.00. While Top Gun and Rad Racer were some of the recommended games, as can be seen in the video shared by YouTube Channel Gaming Historian, the seat can be used with other games like Super Mario Bros. and Mega Man 3.

In the end, Power to the 10th Inc. faded into obscurity in 1992 and the device is now considered to be incredibly rare.

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