Some real, official Joy-Con for your viewing pleasure
Some real, official Joy-Con for your viewing pleasure

With the Nintendo Switch seemingly growing in popularity by the day, it will hardly come as a surprise to most of you that there are unofficial controllers knocking about, hoping to cash in by offering a cheaper - and very similar-looking - alternative to the real deal.

Some 'fakes' can be spotted instantly, and some third-party controllers are officially licensed and perfectly safe to use with your console, but others might cause more of an issue. While regular readers of the site - who no doubt know what every millimetre of a Switch looks like - will be able to see the differences, those looking to buy accessories for their friends or family may not.

As such, we feel it worth sending out a friendly reminder that controllers such as these below will not have been approved by Nintendo and could cause damage to your system. These 'fake' or unofficial Joy-Con use the same colour scheme as the real deal and even offer the same features - including rumble, sensor functions, and the ability to connect to the main tablet.

eBay listing

There are plenty of similar controllers waiting for unsuspecting customers on sites such as eBay. We found all of the following products on the first page of search results for 'Joy-Con'.


If you're looking to pick up some controllers for your Switch, or maybe for a friend, we've got a full guide to the best (and safely official) controllers you can get your hands on.

Be careful, folks!