Last month, we reported on the upcoming Switch racer Moto Rush GT, which promised Nintendo Labo Toy-Con support as one of its intriguing features. Now, we finally have our first look at the game in action. Check it out above.

You'll be performing stunts, choosing from 12 different bikes, and playing through both campaign and arcade modes. The trailer notes that there are more than 100 levels to blast through in the campaign, and you can do so with an impressive number of control methods. The Labo Toy-Con motorbike does look like a good fit here.

The game arrives on Switch on 19th April, although pre-orders go live today with a 30% discount, taking the full price down to $10.49 / 10.49€.

Will you be giving this one a whirl? Do you have a Labo Motorbike to test out with the game? Tell us below.